Welcome to ICKC Virtual Dog Shows. While the first show will be a learning curve for all I hope it to be a fun experience. Once entered please go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/ICKCvirtualdogshows/ and post your dogs pictures under the appropriate group heading. If you don’t know your group please ask or look at the list on the website. If you need any help pm me (Stacey Johnson) or text me at 813-523-3417. Please limit pictures to 3 and if you can do a collage that would be helpful. You can also submit a short moving video (15-20 seconds). I would suggest front (head), side stacked and rear. We will be giving out real ribbons. Some might take a bit to be mailed as I know I am out of PBIS and need to wait until the ribbon company can supply. I am keeping the first one simple. There will only be a BOB so no classes. There will be a BOB Adult (over 6 months) and BOB Puppy (under 6 months). This will be the age at time pictures were taken. Groups will be a 1,2,3 placement. Then BIS & RBIS for Adult and Puppy. I will also offer a BIS altered no Groups just breed and BIS. Veteran is offered as a bonus and a BIS will be chosen from the Veterans posted under that label. There will be a separate place for those pictures. Adult will be $15, Puppy and Altered $10. Entry will open on the 18th and end the 28th.

Judging will be June 1st.

NO pictures with any ribbons or judges in them allowed. They will be removed. You can be in the picture.