MAY 21 & 22, 2022

The BACK IN THE SADDLE CLASSIC will be held on the grounds of Rick's Saddle Shop.   

Flat grassy area.  Indoor Restrooms.  Bring pop up tents for shade.

Set up will begin Friday evening please wait until rings are set before setting up. 

For entry please click here.

Show Information

Dates May 21 & 22, 2021
Time: 9:30am start
Location: Rick's Saddle Shop
Address: 282 County Road #539

Cream Ridge, NJ 08541

Entry Until May 8, 2022
$30.00 per show

or $200 for all 8 shows

Late Entry From May 9, 2022 to May 17, 2021

$35.00 per show

or $240 for all 8 shows

Really Late Entry (May 18, 2022) to Day Of Show 

$40.00 per show

or $280 for all 8 shows

Puppies under 6 months $20.00 Pre-entry a show!

Puppies $25.00 Day of Show

Judging Panel


Candance Mogavero

Linda Porch

Sharon Baskerville

Priscilla Gabosch


Ron Pock

Andy Carter

Kathy Schwabe

Sally Birgl


Win photos can be taken and purchased day of show for $25.00 each emailed, $40 for each both emailed and printed.  

Hotels near Show

General Information

ICKC will be holding 8 shows using 4 rings.   ICKC will accommodate those showing dogs in more then one group to make sure you do not miss your ring time due to being in another ring.  We do our best to make showing fun as it should be.

Best Bred By In Show Is Held Once a Weekend.  
Junior Handling is held after shows each day.